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What is Spinal Decompression (Spinal Mechanical Traction)?

Spinal decompression, also referred to as spinal mechanical traction, is a new state-of-the-art treatment with some very promising success in helping treat patients who suffer chronic back and neck pain. Spinal decompression targets the compressed or bulging spinal areas relieving pressure on the nerves or disc bulges that may be causing pain. In many cases after one or a series of treatments, pinched nerves or disc bulges can slip back into their normal position relieving pain, numbness or loss of sensation. This level of relief is often impossible with traditional adjustments and is the primary reason spinal decompression is becoming so popular.

How does it work?

First the patient is strapped into place on the decompression table. Once firmly strapped in place Dr. Chrissy will turn on the machine slowly increasing the tension until you have reached the appropriate level for your needs. Your spine will then begin to slowly pull apart and be held apart for a period of time and then return to the normal position. This cycle is repeated over a period of 15 to 30 minutes (or whatever time period Dr. Chrissy determines appropriate for that session). Pain relief comes about as a result of reducing pressure on pinched nerves and or returning disc bulges back into their correct position.

Spinal decompression does not hurt. Patients often describe it as instant relief as their spine is slowly stretched. In the event that a patient may want to immediately stop treatment there is a kill switch button the patient can push. The course of thereapy does vary from person to person. Most patients to obtain maximum relief will requrie 10 to 30 sessions over a 3 to 4 week period.

Why does the disc bulge suddenly slip back into place?

The theory is that decompression creates a negative pressure (when the spine is pulled apart). This vacuum draws the bulging and herniated disc back into the correct disc space. Once back in place pain may be reduced or gone all together!


Dr. Chrissy has had very promising results with many of her patients receiving spinal decompression. However, this form of treatment is not for everyone. Dr. Chrissy will determine during your exam if spinal decompression is appropriate for you.


Unfortunately only a small number of insurance companies cover spinal decompression. Most clinics offering spinal decompression charge over $100 per session. Dr. Chrissy is trying to make spinal decompression affordable for her patients and therefore only charges $55 per session. Patients can receive even greater savings by purchasing multiple decompression sessions. For more information on pricing click here.

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Before Decompression
After Decompression
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